About The Mural

“The Bronx Museum Community Mural at Bronx Terminal Market” is a mural inspired by unique scenic outdoor locations in the Bronx, from actual photographs and sketches developed by Mural Artist Lindsey Warren.

The collaboration between Bronx Terminal Market and The Bronx Museum of the Arts is part of a greater initiative to support local Bronx organizations, and make art more accessible to the surrounding Bronx community by bringing public art to Bronx Terminal Market’s pedestrian bridge.

The 20’x40’ vertical mural space is divided into four separate horizontal rectangles, each containing its own scene and color palette that all work together as a gradient color palette. The images showcase the variety of scenic landscapes in the Bronx. Locations featured include: The High Bridge, Ferry Point Park, NY Botanical Garden and Joyce Kilmer Park.





About The Artist

Lindsey Warren is an American artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. She earned an MFA in Painting from Boston University in 2008 and moved to New York City in 2011. Lindsey’s paintings have been exhibited throughout the United States with recent shows in New York City, Boston and Los Angeles. Lindsey has been a studio artist in Chashama’s Workspace Program in NYC and a participant in the Bronx Museum’s AIM program. Her work examines the urban landscape using systematic processes, perception and memory to translate specific moments in time. Lindsey’s public works and murals have been installed in Boston, MA and New York City.