Bronx Terminal Market

About Us

Located in the heart of The Bronx just under the Major Deegan Expressway at Exit 4/5, Bronx Terminal Market is a vibrant mix of modern architecture, diverse shopping, and colorful history.

With nearly a million square feet of retail space, and parking for 2,600 cars, it offers some of the best, most convenient shopping around for miles.

Built on a sprawling 17-acre site that once was the area’s bustling center for wholesale fruits and vegetables, Bronx Terminal Market continues to be a popular gathering place – only this time for much more than carrots, apples and artichokes. Our variety of stores and restaurants is growing all the time.

A Little History

Located just across the street from Yankee Stadium, Bronx Terminal Market dates back to 1935. Visit the corner of East 149th Street and River Avenue and you’ll see the same flagship building, with the famous relief lettering, that’s been a Bronx landmark for generations.

Stroll along River Avenue and you’ll also see many of the classic architectural details that were saved from the old buildings of the earlier market. You might say Bronx Terminal Market has a long history of great shopping…

Bronx Terminal Market in 1936

Bronx Terminal Market
610 Exterior Street
Bronx NY 10451
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